EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR PERIOD: 20 May 2017 - 20 May 2017

Saturday, May 20th 2017

At Villa Bertelli's inauguration of the Arturo Dazzi exhibition
After the success of critics and audiences in Rome at Villa Torlonia, where the exhibition was honored by the President of the Republic Gold Medal , and at the Carrara Plastic Arts Center, Arturo Dazzi works from May 20 to June 18 will be exhibited at Villa Bertelli in Forte dei Marmi , the city of adoption of Arturo Dazzi and the third and final stage of the long journey back to the origins Of the master of Italian sculpture. From Rome, which consecrated him as one of the greatest monumental sculptors of his time, passing through Carrara where he was born and where he taught as a professor of Sculpture at the Prestigious Academy of Fine Arts, to the chosen place to live and work for the Fort of the Marbles. At the inauguration, also Senator Andrea Marcucci, President of the Senate Culture Committee , will participate in making a point on the huge cultural operation conducted on the master Of Carrara. A project shared and supported by a very impressive number of large public bodies. Not the point of arrival but the starting point for continuing to talk about Dazzi but above all the basis for proposing a collaborative model between organizations that has produced really important results and which has led the Foundation Villa Bertelli and the Municipality At the inauguration, the Mayor of Forte dei Marmi, Dr. Umberto Buratti, and the Councilor for Culture of the City of Carrara, The exhibition "Arturo Dazzi 1881 - 1966, Rome - Carrara - Forte dei Marmi", curated by Anna Vittoria Laghi , tells the artist through the privileged bonds that the Master established and cultivated in the arch of his Life with three Italian cities: Carrara, hometown and formation, Rome to which the artist has popularity and success and Forte dei Marmi, the buen retiro where he worked on some of his most important monumental works and where he finally cultivated painting ("The Versilia that made me a painter," Dazzi wrote in the autobiography of the Roman Quadriennale of 1935). Among the exhibited works - directly from the Donation Dazzi of Forte dei Marmi, Were donated in 1987 by widow Dazzi - there are numerous pieces not exposed for decades that will be visible during the exhibition, to which all citizenship is invited to participate. Among the best known works we limit ourselves to To mention the Teenager, a sculpture exhibited at the exhibition of Italian art in 1938 in Bern, Cavallino, the famous sculpture that Dazzi exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 1928 and Curzio Malaparte, as well as an anthology of highly suggestive paintings documenting the Various subjects with whom Dazzi confronted: portrait, landscape, still life and animals. This brings together the preparatory work for Stele Marconi. The exhibition, as the curator emphasizes, traces the stages of the artist's life through works and documents that come out of their homes for the first time. Placed and organized according to a chronological course, sculptures, patterns and plaster sketches, letters, articles, paintings and drawings unveil the 'behind the scenes' of the Dazzi universe.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Villa Bertelli Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 200, Forte dei Marmi - SCHEDULE: ore: 18:00 - 20:00

At Piano Quercion ceremony in memory of Roberta Dini
On Saturday, May 20, at 11 am, the ceremony will be held in memory of Roberta Dini of the Quercione Piano Games Park.The small park, located on Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, will be titled with a memorial plaque To the teacher who devoted much of his life to the elementary school pupils of the village. Roberta, born on July 8, 1953, started working as an assistant School in Garfagnana, in Capezzano and Camaiore. He then became a teacher and for a short time he worked on Lucca's plain and then returned to Capezzano and again to Camaiore. He was then given the fixed place at Piano di Mommio where he started a project in collaboration with parents and grandparents After a long period of time at Piano di Mommio he moved to Piano del Quercione where he worked with the same love and dedication ever, until his last day. He died on September 25, 2010 and has always been remembered with affection from all students and parents.At the ceremony will be present, in addition to Prof. Maria Vittoria Nardini, representing the Equal Opportunity Commission who has cared for the event , Also some members of the City Council, elementary school pupils and the President of the Council of Victory Giannecchini.A small refreshment will be offered to children, moms and the public.
TYPE: Cultural events - VENUE: Parco Giochi di Piano del Quercione, Piano del Quercione - SCHEDULE: 11.00 - INFO: Comune di Massarosa 0584 9790

Pietrasanta at Misura di Bambino. Artistic workshop with the sculptor Nathalie Alony
Pietrasanta at Misura di Bambino returns with a series of events and events dedicated to children and their families.With great demand comes back with an art workshop Nathalie Alony, Israeli sculptor, eccentric diplomatasi artist At the Accademia di Belle Arti di Carrara this time will guide the children in the creation of a flying flower, coloring dried leaves and then creating a floral mandala to hang as artwork in his own bedroom. The appointment is Saturday, May 20 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm at the Children's Section of the Municipal Library, the cost per child is 6,00 €. The activity is aimed at children up to 6 years old. Booking is mandatory by calling the "G.Carducci" Municipal Library at 0584.795500, on Mondays from 14-19, Tuesday to Saturday 09-13 and 14-19 mail: library @ see the program and the upcoming meetings of Pietrasanta for children go to | and official Facebook pages.Promoter: Museum of the Bozzetti Municipalities of Pietrasanta and Versiliana Foundation within the STArt project (Save Torism & Art), in collaboration with Cooperatives Itinera and CoopCulture.
TYPE: Events for children - VENUE: Chiostro di Sant' Agostino - Via Sant' Agostino, 1, Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: 16:30 - 18:30

In Seravezza comes "Heart Love Heart" the drama on Daniele Vicari's precariousness
Continues in Versilia with the most committed Italian Cinema and comes here, from 18 May to 21:15 (with replies Friday 19 and Saturday 20 at 21:15 and Sunday 21 to 18 SUN LOVE HEART, the last Despite the title I call a celebrated summer tormenton, Daniele Vicari ( Diaz The film is a drama on the economic crisis and the daily struggle for happiness. The protagonist of Sun Love Heart is Isabella Ragonese, a young well-known face of Italian comedy and Italian filmmaking for the past 10 years, which interprets Eli, wife and mother, a precarious worker who has chosen to sacrifice for the family.
TYPE: Cinema - VENUE: Palazzo Mediceo Viale L. Amadei, 230 (Seravezza), Seravezza

Three massaroses artists on display at "Shapes and Colors
Three mass artist artists will be the protagonists of the "Forme e colori" painting exhibition, which will take place at the Europa Gallery in Lido di Camaiore from 19 to 31 May 2017.Patrizia Niccolai, Mariana Vignali and Jasmine Bagnoli, Will exhibit their canvases in the exhibition space that will be open every day from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 18.30.The inauguration will take place on Saturday 20 May at 4.30 pm
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Galleria Europa - Lungomare Europa, 41, Lido di Camaiore - INFO: Comune di Camaiore tel. 0584 9861

Pietrasanta film festival 2017, host the actor Gianluca Magni
It will start at 6pm in the Sala della Santissima Annunziata in the Sant'Agostino Cloister (via Sant'Agostino   The first scheduled work in the "Out of Competition" section will be The other island " (16 ', Italy), is the third opera by Livorno's director Simone Bianchi, who tells of a trip from Piombino to Elba Island. The filmmaker will present the short film. Next will be the trailer of Daniele Ceccarini and Mario Molinari's "Tonino" movie that will be featured in the room dedicated to the poet, writer and screenwriter Tonino Guerra. At the end of the screening, Gianluca Magni will act as a film and television actress who will talk about her career in the movie world.  " > (4 ', Italy) by Riccardo Valesi will be the first short film of the "Contest" section that will be screened on this second festival day. A work that tells the story of the oldest Assistance Association in the world: The Mercy of Florence. Following "A Special Day" (18 ', Italy) by Gaston Biwolé and Kassin Yassin Saleh, he will tell a difficult integration story following the Paris bombings and "Offline" (16 ', Italy). The work of Emanuela Mascherini, present in the hall, will also be present at the 70th Cannes Festival in the Short Film Corners section. The "Contest" projections will continue with Giuliano Oppes's "Darkness" (20 ', Italy) Strong> "The Man Laughing" (18 ', Italy) of the young director of Pietrasanta Federica Bertellotti, a dark story set in England at the end of the seventeenth century. It will be followed by the Franco-Algerian director Nadia Kibout's "Veiled Wings" (14 ', Italy), the story of a meeting of different cultures within a traveling car. The latest film of the second day of the Pietrasanta Film Festival will be David Munz-Marie's "Horace" short film (13 ', USA), starred by a family of vintners. p>  
TYPE: Cinema - VENUE: Chiostro di Sant' Agostino - Via Sant' Agostino, 1, Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: 18:00 - 00:00

Land Art
With great demand, back with an art workshop Nathalie Alony , an Israeli sculptor, an eccentric artist at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, this time will guide children in making a flying flower, coloring leaves Dried and then create a floral mandala to hang as artwork in your own room. I'm going to cost 6,00 € .    
TYPE: Events for children - VENUE: Biblioteca Comunale, Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: dalle ore 16:30 alle 18:30 - INFO: La prenotazione è obbligatoria telefonando alla Biblioteca Comunale "G.Carducci" al 0584.795500, il lunedì dalle 14-19,da martedì a sabato 09-13 e 14-19

Family Tree by Donatella Izzo on display at Marina di Pietrasanta
On display at the LABottega gallery in Marina di Pietrasanta from 20 May to 9 July 2017 (inauguration 20 May at 18.30), Family Tree by the Milanese artist  Donatella Izzo presents to the public a new and complex photo project focused on the concept of anti-portrait and redefinition of the contemporary beauty ideal. In a society stunned by the imposition of selfie as the sole and authoritative quality of virtual appearance, Izzo re-elaborates an antitrust portrait shifting attention from form to content, from exterior to a previously hidden interiority. So a new aesthetic dominance is celebrated, in which imperfection and the singularity become uniqueness: the defect therefore as a symbol of pride because it is already inserted in our genetic code.Elegant and sought after, the result of a dark, tortuous process, Unpredictable, often violent and overwhelming, FAMILY TREE is the legitimate son of Donatella Izzo, an inquisitive and visceral author in the experimentation of ever-changing expressive and compositive techniques, from collage to cut, from abrasion to pictorial intervention that are indissolubly fixed in the DNA of the click original. Loaded with symbolisms and metaphors, his work attracts the observer towards an individual immersion, including universal moods, suspended atmospheres, sacred instants almost inviolable.BiographyDonatella Izzo (1979), lives and works in Milan. She attends the Accéemy of Fine Arts of Brera and immediately her interest focuses on painted photography in a pictorial manner, enabling her to win numerous awards for painting between 2006 and 2009. In 2010, the artist lacks manipulation Up to now predominant painting and approaches a photography more pure in the technique, though loaded with a strong metaphorical value. International exhibitions from London, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Rzeszow (Poland), New York, as well as numerous exhibitions in Italy began in 2011. Their photographs have been acquired from public and private collections, last chronologically in the Collection of Museum of Photography of Senigallia. Recently, the English magazine Art Reveal has dedicated the cover, while it has appeared on the pages of Vanity Fair Italia, Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Il Giornale, and on numerous online magazines reported as one of the most interesting emerging Italian artists. The prestigious "Tiffany Collection" blog has reported it as one of the 12 best emerging artists of 2016 by adding it to the catalog of the Collector's Catalog year. 
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: LABottega di Marina di Pietrasanta - Viale Apua 188, Marina di Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: Orari : merc – gio 15:30 – 19:30 | ven – sab – dom 15:30 – 22:30 / chiusura: lunedì e martedì / Ingresso libero

"The love on him," the latest novel by Sara Rattaro
Saturday, May 20, at 5 pm at the "La Vela" bookstore in Viareggio, the genre writer Sara Rattaro ("Bancarella Award 2015") will present his last and intense novel "Love on the face". The work is characterized by a rhythm urging, a crystal clear and deep writing to the service of a plot with unexpected implications. At the center of the narration Giulia, who at a crucial time of his life will find himself in the face of lies, grudges, fragile scaffolds that support his life. Family and affective relationships are at the heart of this engaging novel. Introduces Erika Pucci.
TYPE: Cultural events - VENUE: Libreria la Vela Via Garibaldi n. 19, Viareggio - SCHEDULE: 17:00 - 19:00

Second Edition for the New Earth Festival
Return to New Earth Festival , free admission , organized by Ecoversilia Association , Camaiore Municipality And the New Earth Magazine , the national landmark of natural living. Children's entertainment and education, with a rich offer of workshops, is accompanied by a quality market showcase, inside and outside the villa, with a selection of organic producers, handicrafts and quality products. In the 2017 edition, great attention will be given to food, highlighting the gastronomic and excellence of excellence, with a selection of quality starting with catering with antique grains and agricultural products of the territory. You can taste typical products at zero miles, in addition to biovegan cooking, biopizza with mother pasta, desserts and freshly minted spices. On Sunday 21 we also plan a tasting of biodynamic wines with oenologists and sommeliers who tell us about another way to produce and taste wine without pesticides and adulterations. Two spectacular days > The program is a succession of meetings with authors, conferences, workshops, holistic workshops, screenings and shows, amidst a cozy and lush park, and in a villa rich in history . Among the main topics of sustainable agriculture for our territory, with distinguished experts and guests such as Carlo Triarico, National President of the Biodynamic Agriculture Association, and Fabio Bescacin, President of Ecor Natura Yes. It will be about sustainable tourism with the subjects of the territory , And of social and organic gardens, with innovative projects on a national scale. And then, again on Saturday, of natural health and well-being with Dr. Paolo Giordo, and human relationships with Dr. Nives Favero, and with Daniel Lumera, president of the International School of Forgiveness. And then off to the personal communication and personal growth workshops with the psycho-poetic performance of Porzia by Federico Barsanti, the projection of the film Children of Freedom and Transition Stories by the Transition Network. The real protagonists, are common people, because the Festival is primarily a participatory and comparative experience, with different moments in which to play. To participate, everyone can choose their profile: from the most intensive workshops to deepen non-violent communication, cooking classes, self-construction with bamboo, workshops for all ages, and hunting excursions in the park. Or you can just follow the encounters ranging from the health of the little ones to the ancient grains, from shared gardens to different educational methods, from ecotourism to the benefits of organic farming. Guaranteed well-being We are in a 19th century villa, surrounded by a park of five hectares of green, between palm trees, pines, oaks, exotic and Mediterranean plants. L   L 'Welcome The New Earth Festival is at Villa Le Pianore, Via Our Lady, Camaiore (Lu), loc. Capezzano Pianore. To get there is a shuttle bus service from Camaiore Lido - Capezzano station. For the stay there is the embarrassment of choice.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Villa le Pianore via San Michele 5/a, Capezzano Pianore

"7 artists in the gallery", the painting exhibition at the Galleria Agorà of Massarosa
The Artistic Art Association proposes Massarosa Agora Gallery , the Paint Show: 7 gallery artists With Nino Faà, Giacomo Grossi, Enwan Kulpherk, Francesca Lessona, Mara Marandella, Elisabetta Parrini, Carmen Tonarelli. Inauguration at 17.00.A review consisting of 7 free and distinct artists in their figurative interpretations but which can be linked through the research that leads to the common denominator that is the figure either highly defined or symbolic and Also a dreamlike subject.Play the color at the base of these interpreters as well as differentiate the bases on which the work, canvases, cartons and stones are made. It's all about giving life to the idea that takes shape.From Envan Kulpherk's chromatic liveliness to his dreamy blossoms, to the lively stones of Mara Marandella on which she puts her animals into delicate and well-formed shapes Defined by the aquarelles of Carmen Tonarelli, the joyful vision of a real world with its many faces of the Queen of England or the fun-loving moods, the almost school descriptions of Nino Faà,The watercolors with her water without water by Francesca Lessona, the strong color chores with her serious characters by Giacomo Grossi7 painters who also complete the seriousness of their profession, various cultures that guarantee the quality Of the event.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Galleria Agorà, Massarosa

Second edition of Forte Cocktail Week in the Versiliana park
After last year's success, the Strong Cocktail Week , a week of events, tastings, and master classes, all dedicated to good drinking. The event's location will be for this edition Versiliana . At the end of the week a real race between the bartenders of Versilia who will propose their creations in front of a jury of experts. The event was born thanks to the collaboration of Cristian Maira (owner of the "Caffè Bella Vita" in Forte dei Marmi) and Manuel Sakay (owner of the "Caffè Sociale" in Viareggio) who wanted to introduce the beloved coast an event already present in Many cities like London, Paris and Singapore."The Fort Cocktail Week was born to gather all the barmans of Versilia and give it a constructive comparison. Our goal is to create a space in which to exchange recipes, ideas and thoughts: a meeting for those who work in our beautiful job that has only recently been rediscovering thanks to those who are passionate about it. " Cristian.Last year, the Fort Cocktail Week has been challenging eight bars in the area: the first prize was awarded to the "Caffè Sambo" by Forte dei Marmi. The Strong Cocktail Week aims to promote good drinking and industry professionals working behind the versilies counters, strong in the event is the component of drinking responsibly.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: La Versiliana - Viale Morin n. 16, Marina di Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: 9:00 - 00:00

Collective art at the Galleria La Marina in Pietrasanta
The Artepozzo international art association concludes its exhibition season in Pietrasanta with the collective of selected artists " THE TIME .... THE EARTH ART ARTICLE " Saturday /Strong> at The Marina Marina, via Marzocco 18 .The exhibition is curated and selected by Angela Maioli Parodi , president of the International Artistic Art Association . Artists will be presented by art critic and journalist Lodovico Gierut.Participation in this collective is varied, both by artistic genres and by the originals of artists, just as it is in The spirit of the association to bring together many parts of Italy. Pietrasanta, a noble city and voted for arts, is a beautiful showcase and attraction for exhibiting their works and viewing them both to critics and collectors present in the town of Versilia.The artists present are: Giulia Gellini, Walter A high quality collective that the International Art Fair Organization is pleased to present and invites you to visit until the end of the year. 30 May.The International Cultural Association was founded by the artist Ernesto "Nilo" Parodi and his wife Angela on the push of the Nile eclecticism , A full-fledged artist and a passion for Angela's art.This association aims to create a welcoming place for inspiration and meeting for artists of various kinds to confront and spread their ideas. > The association is based in M Ontaldeo (AL) in a beautiful Farmhouse-Museum and organizes collective and personal exhibitions in galleries in Italy and abroad. Just on the 23/24 June will be inaugurated the museum called "Nile" Parodi within the 700th Cascina. Another event of this year (2017) in the field of international relations was commissioned by the Rambaldi Foundation to organize a series Of exhibitions on the Master of Special Effects (winner of 3 Oscar Awards) Carlo Rambaldi. The exhibitions will be a real innovation in the national and international artistic landscape as they want to enhance the figure of Rambaldi as a painter and not just as a "magician" of special effects. The first stage will be in Lamezia Terme on August 5th; Will follow others all over the country.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Galleria la Marina - Via del Marzocco, 18 55045, Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: 10:00 - 20:00

Girolamo Ciulla at Susanna Orlando Gallery
Inauguration Saturday 20 May to 19 at the Susanna Orlando Gallery in Pietrasanta the exhibition of Girolamo Ciulla The artist and other animals. " The Show   The Monkey with the Ear P> and the Artist. There is no hierarchy. The image with which the Artist depicts himself is only ironically apparent Paradoxical, how portraits and self-portraits can be in an exchange with nature and that of nature itself tell to those who observe them. Animals protagonists in dialogue, sacred, myth, symbols always present         -p> Girolamo Ciulla Born in Caltanissetta in 1953, Girolamo Ciulla began to carve very young, and for the first time exhibited his works in sici lava stone Liana, already in 1970. In the mid-1980s he moved to Pietrasanta, where he still lives, and where he chooses to work the travertine: a "hard" marble, hard to manipulate In the town of Versilia he has been living since 1986: here he creates, firsthand, His sculptures and drawings. Sicilian with strong roots in his land, Ciulla is also, for 40 years, one of the artists who animate the cultural scene of Pietrasanta and beyond. -p> Over the years has been the protagonist of more than 40 personal exhibitions, in public spaces such as private galleries, in Italy and abroad, as well as having participated in major exhibitions and art fairs. We remember, among many, the participation in EXPO2015.  Susanna Orlando After Forte dei Marmi now has her Gallery in Pietrasanta Above all a narrative spirit that uses the image in a concept that goes beyond the Artwork, establishing for her and her a harmonious scheme of time, history, light, symbols, spaces. For 40 years she lives in art using a personal language: exhibitions, events, set ups, interiors, accompanied by artists she herself inserts into a story that is renewed and does not run out of space at the Galleria Stage.  
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Galleria Susanna Orlando, Pietrasanta - SCHEDULE: 11:00 - 24:00

Free seminars with fibromyalgia syndrome specialists
"AISF Versilia - Onlus" is a local community that sees specialists and patients engaged in Fibromyalgia, inviting the population concerned to a loop of free encounters during which the Specialists in the field will face important issues regarding Fibromyalgic Syndrome. - May 13 (11.30 12.30) " Physiotherapy in Fibromyalgic Syndrome. The importance of movement and group activities "- May 20 (11.30 - 12.30) " Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain And related pathologies. How to intervene "- May 27 (11.30 - 12.30) " The Psychological Aspects of Fibromyalgia: Em> - June 10 (17.30-18.30) " What do you eat? Power, intolerance and allergies in the fibromyalgia patient "
TYPE: Cultural events - VENUE: Hotel Regina in via Papini 30, Lido di Camaiore - INFO: Gli incontri, che si terranno durante il mese di maggio e giugno 2017 saranno a numero chiuso, è richiesta pertanto la prenotazione telefonando o inviando un SMS al num. 339 77 84 089 (Dott.ssa Alessia Ricci)

 "The Memories of the Future", by Claudio Amadei
The summer cultural programming of the Municipality of Stazzema meets the painting "The Memories of the Future" of Claudio Amadei, on a calendar from May 5 to 28 The Palace of Culture of Via Vallinventri. At the inauguration of Friday, May 5, 19, the initiative continues from Thursday to Sunday With a time of 17 to 20 and a chance to visit on an overtime appointment by contacting 3480924891. The idea, curated by Piero Garibaldi, reveals an anthology that chronologically and technically is the creative and logical inspiration of the painter. Moments of art alternating factors that tell Amadei's contact with the canvas by using a soft or incisive color use to determine fluidity or delineated boundary of the depicted. The lands in which Amadei lives, from Bolzano to Versilia, become creative gathering places where the painter reflects and identifies to give shape and address to his own production that, since the young self-taught age, is not left out in the trials of one Study but opens to approval with prizes in the participation in competitions and appreciation by the public during personal exhibitions and collective exhibitions. Ugo Guidi and the Lazzaro Cultural Encouragement promote an artistic argument that is traced by Garibaldi to the qualification of a relationship in which the human subject succeeds in the relationship with the setting, its life, maturing in time consciousness of 'Action, in favor of a result, reconciliation of the relationship. To enhance the work of Claudio Amadei the intervention of Judith Lepore President of Rotaract Club Carrara and Massa , Which will open The inauguration, and the interview conducted by the journalist Chiara Buratti Thursday 11 at 18.00. Saturday 20 at 18:30 the Round Table 53 Carrara Val di Magra will propose the " Meeting "Conversations on Art" coordinated by President Mario Malatesta while Friday 26 May at 5:30 pm Cristiana Ramacciotti, of the Cultural Heritage Archive Grazia Leoncini, will develop a reference to the works exhibited.
TYPE: Cultural events - VENUE: Palazzo della Cultura - Via Vallinventri., Stazzema - SCHEDULE: 17:00 - 20:00 - INFO: Comune di Stazzema 0584 77521

At the Museum of Satire "The Italian Constitution designed by Ro Marcenaro"
Among the pioneers of the cartoon, Ro Marcenaro is characterized by creativity, not only in design but also in the use of materials and techniques. As written by Carlo Rognoni in the catalog presentation, "There is no theme, topic, pictorial challenge, intimidate, frighten and stop Ro Marcenaro". "The taste for satire - he added - was born in him also by a strong sense of irony to the facts of life, even for the ones that you enrage and engage him politically."In this exhibition Ro Marcenaro addresses the Italian Constitution, describing each item with an air of humorous but very serious intent, as always it happens when you put at the center of his interests the most important aspects of humanity, all and sundry suspended between levity and gravity.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Museo della Satira e della Caricatura - Forte di Leopoldo I, piazza Garibaldi, Forte dei Marmi - SCHEDULE: Orari: venerdì, sabato, domenica, festivi e prefestivi 16 – 20 (Ingresso libero)

"A dialogue," Ettore di Giorgio and Inaco Biancalana on display at Villa Argentina
Opens a Villa Argentina Viareggio an attractive Show dedicated to Viareggio masters Ettore Giorgio and Inaco Biancalana.Organized by the Mount Fondazione Banca di Lucca along with the Province of Lucca with the Municipality patronage of Viareggio and adhesion of the Superintendent Archeology, Fine Art and Landscape for the provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara launches Saturday, April 8, to 17, Villa Argentina (via Fratti, corner of via Vespucci 44) to Viareggio (Lucca) exposure, free admission entitled : < em> "Hector Giorgio - Inaco Biancalana: a dialogue."
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Villa Argentina Via Fratti, Viareggio - SCHEDULE: 17.00 - 18.30

Little Red Riding Hood
A rearrangement by the Sganzigatto company that explores the secrets of the fairy tale, to return it to the public in a careful and valuable; still room to smaller
TYPE: Theatre and Dance - VENUE: Villa Bertelli Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 200, Forte dei Marmi

"Made in Forte", art trails and light
It will be inaugurated Saturday, February 18 at 16.00 at the Fort " MADE IN STRONG 1.0. paths of art and light ", a cultural and artistic event, sponsored by the city of Forte dei Marmi, in collaboration with the Nature Center" Be Strong "and sponsored by MiBACT - Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. Curators, Beatrice Audrito and David Sarchioni The exhibition will remain on display until 31 May in the city center. "This original and interesting event - says the deputy mayor Michele Molino- is the result of intense collaboration created with the Nature Center, thanks to the convention with C.C.N. It signed at the time, which allowed us to carry out important initiatives, such as Christmas lighting and now this project. I hope MADE IN STRONG 1.0. can be the first of a long series of editions ". "It should be emphasized - he was attended by the managing director for culture and tourism Simone Tonini- the great tourist value of the initiative, which will be an innovative proposal and of high artistic and cultural level, presented near the spring season, a time for us very important for the promotion of the territory. I am sure that will be a welcome welcome to the upcoming Easter holidays. "
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Pontile di Forte dei Marmi, Forte dei Marmi - SCHEDULE: 16:00 - 19:00 - INFO: Comune di Forte dei Marmi 0584 2801

After Dali arrives Giuseppe Carta
A chili 16 meters - iconic and traditional image, pop for its natural color scheme, timeless and full of symbolism - emerges from underground and rises towards the sky. With his move to the surface protrusions and recesses, captures light and diffuses into the surrounding flooding it with suggestions. The show This is how, in the name of wonder, that the exhibition "Giuseppe Carta. sprouting gardens " welcomes the public in Piazza del Duomo di Pietrasanta.From February 26 to 11 June 2017, the large anthology collects about one hundred works, including monumental sculptures and not - in bronze, marble, aluminum and resin - and oils on canvas, on display in the aforementioned Piazza del Duomo , overlooking the Church of St. Augustine and on the pier of Forte dei Marmi."from the oil painting, which is dizzying interpreter through a particular form of realism - writes the curator Luca Beatrice - Giuseppe Carta now addresses him of urban public space with large-scale sculpture, confronting one of the most picturesque squares d 'Italy. Its chilli, as meek aliens landed in Pietrasanta, heat the atmosphere and heart. More than ever, the aphrodisiac power of art hits home. Directed by Alberto Bartalini, eccentric producer of ideas, adds a dreamlike and surreal construction. " The staff is promoted by Italian Contemporary Art and the City of Pietrasanta and is achieved thanks to the active participation and collaboration of the Artistic Foundry Francesco Mutti, the GBC Marmi srl, La Fenice Marmi srl and Eurit Ltd. Conceived as an articulate and harmonious staging, the exhibition includes over as curator for Beatrice, the orchestration directing Alberto Bartalini."the will - explains Bartalini - was to transform urban spaces into places of thought germinating: fruits, vegetables , red peppers and pomegranates as symbols of fertility and impetus to ideas. A great stimulus for my work was the combination of the classical art of the place, painting and realist sculpture of Maestro Giuseppe Carta and its language pop, with the macro dimensions of the works. "<- p > L 'authorthe common thread of the core work, as always in the Charter, is Nature: fruits and vegetables are portrayed both in their moments of greatest splendor as in those of transience, evolution and stem rot. Nature, on the hills for the artist, is always fraught with beauty and new life even where apparently life is gone.Born in Sardinia, where he lives and creates his works at his Foundation Banagher, in the province of Sassari, the Charter may never be separated from the close relationship with the natural element: as a farmer, every morning, observes all the transformations that took place in his land during the day.<- p > in the Piazza del Duomo then sprout five other chilies, spicy symbol of irrepressible vitality and with them the thoughts, emotions, creativity. On the steps of the church, an aluminum donkey quivering tension launches its braying.A marble pear is a particular tribute to the region that hosts the exhibition: Giuseppe Carta love marble for the elegance of matter gives to its transparencies and glazes sculptures, the same that reaches painting his still lifes. the naturalistic portraits of fruits and vegetables moved in the urban space they take the consistency of the sculpture, but returned to be painting in the Sala dei Putti and the Chapter of the Church of Sant'Agostino: here find space oils on canvas, still touching truthfulness death. In addition to the products of the earth, ancient crystals, precious fabrics and furnishings are played with skill through the ancient technique of glazing.Also in the church, above the nine existing altars, the director puts Bartalini nine reproductions of some of the works' artist building a set of significant spectacularity. To accentuate the theatrical installation, at the center of ecclesial space are collected different fruits in polychrome bronze and aluminum. The event extends, finally, on the Forte dei Marmi wharf : a huge pomegranate disclosed, from which emerge the juicy beans, becomes a symbol of prosperity and new life. The sculpture was created in 2012 as art director of the Theatre of Silence by Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico in Tuscany and has since become a symbol at Andrea Bocelli Humanitarian Award.The exhibition is intended as a result of ' super sculptural path taken by paper that has been recognized several times over the years thanks to important installations created precisely in Pietrasanta with the Artistic Foundry Francesco Mutti, the Art Foundry Massimo del Chiaro and the laboratory of Marco Giannoni sculpture.they remember especially the work at the Venice Biennale, Euroflora Genoa, Expo Milano 2015 in China pavilions and KIP UN, in China in the big cities of Chongqing and Chengdu and Milan, where the monumental chili exposed in the square opposite the 'entrance of Eataly in September 2016 will soon be placed on permanent display. An additional staff of Joseph Charter is also planned at the headquarters of Eataly in Rome in the second half of 2017, again in collaboration with Italian Contemporary Art. Complete the exhibition a catalog published by E20 Projects with texts by Luca Beatrice and Hilary Luper.
TYPE: Exhibitions - VENUE: Piazza del Duomo, nella prospiciente Chiesa di Sant’Agostino e sul pontile di Forte dei Marmi., Pietrasanta - INFO: Comune di Pietrasanta tel. 0584 7951