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Theatre and Dance in Camaiore


by Diego Ruiz
with Sergio Muniz, Diego Ruiz, Francesca Nunzi and Maria Lauria
direction Diego Ruiz
MenteComica production


The flashback, you know, can be very dangerous.


When the fire of passion is lit between Diego and Francesca, the sparks flare up exaggerated!

If you put off the fire like Sergio Muniz, the situation becomes truly uncontrollable!

And what would happen if the future bride , practically with one foot on the altar, come to discover everything?

A couple broke out for years meets clandestinely for a senseless last night of love before sealing the final divorce, but the unexpected are around the corner, even behind the door.

Here comes the new hilarious comedy by Diego Ruiz, now expert in staging the relationship of the couple and its many facets, which this time faces the loves or rotten over that in reality never end.

Is it worth giving a second chance? Or is it likely to find the usual heated soup?

Will a new love ever be able to not suffer the annoying comparison with the pecking one?

And how do we put it on betrayal? Loyalty is a mental predisposition, a moral choice or an imposition?

These and many other questions are the basis of this hilarious comedy in which all the characters are in the wrong place at the wrong time, giving life to a whirlwind of misunderstandings and paradoxical situations that will lead them to resort to all their cold blood to manage an evening that will put them to the test. An evening that will do nothing to fibrillate four wild hearts!


When: 03/19/2018

Where: Teatro dell'Olivo via Vittorio Emanuele, Camaiore

Time: ore 21.00

Information: Teatro dell'Olivo Tel. +39 0584 986333 / + 39 0584986334 - +39 0584 986333 / + 39 0584986334

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