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The Stall

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The Stall

April 19 at the Teatro del Giglio di Lucca debut the Lo Stallo, the new play by Sandro Luporini, a painter and writer from Viareggio who was co-author of Giorgio Gaber for over thirty years, and who invented the theater with him Song.

The show, an alternation of songs and monologues in the tradition of the Teatro Canzone, will be interpreted by David Riondino, who also signs the direction, and by his sister Chiara Riondino, a singer with a deep, powerful voice and extraordinarily expressive. With them on the stage, the Khorakhanè musical group and the multi-instrumentalist Luca Ravagni, already a musician for Giorgio Gaber. The production is by DeepSide Music and MPL Communication.

Lo Stallo, whose title refers to that particular conclusion of the chess game in which «the game has neither winners nor losers, it is immobile, eternally suspended» , is the story of a man who feels incapable of any gesture that can give meaning to the world and life.

David and Chiara Riondino, between serious reflections and comic moments, accompany us in a journey into our present, into our neuroses, into the most intimate aspects of life. The difficulty of loving, the female question, the lack of vital impulses, sexuality, loneliness, old age, the absurd and irrational spread of violence, death, are all themes that Luporini, with his text, forces us to face , with ruthless analysis and the intelligent lightness of irony.

And so, if at the beginning of the show one wonders if "the darkness I see and that maybe there is/is not in my time but it is inside of me ", in the end it is admitted that, although constantly put to the test by the complexity of existence, there is still something we can do, something that depends only on us.

to tell us this that, after fourteen years of silence, Sandro Luporini, at the age of 87, has returned to writing for the theater. To tell us, with the self-irony and the depth that for over thirty years have excited the Italian public, of themselves and of us.

TICKETS for sale online and at the Box Office of the Giglio Theater (Piazza del Giglio) Giglio, 13/15 - Lucca - phone 0583.465320, email: ).

First places (stalls and central boxes) - full 22 euros, reduced 20 euros
Second seats (gallery and side boxes) - full 15 euros, reduced 10 euros - students 7 euros
Loggione 5 euros

SPECIAL PRICE for Subscribers Teatro del Giglio and Verdi di Pisa : 15 euros (stalls and central boxes)


When: 04/19/2018

Where: Teatro del Giglio, Lucca

Time: ore 21.00

Information: Il 19 aprile al Teatro del Giglio di Lucca debutterà Lo Stallo, il nuovo spettacolo teatrale di Sandro Luporini, pittore e scrittore viareggino che è stato per oltre trent'anni coautore di Giorgio Gaber, e che con lui ha inventato il Teatro Canzone.

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