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Two days in the Panie Group

Tours and Excursions in Levigliani

Two days in the Panie Group

Two days in the Panie group.
The route develops over two days of trekking during which we will visit one of the most spectacular corners of the Apuan Alps, the Panie Group. We will climb on the Pania Croce and we will see from above the magnificent peak of Pizzo delle Saette. These impressive peaks and the pastures further downstream inhabited by flocks of moufflons, were frequented in antiquity by the Ligurian Apuans, who left signs of their presence on the territory through the Stele Statues and the rock carvings. It will be an opportunity to visit one of the most remote areas of the Apennines, a place with a character all its own, proud, majestic. Ask if this place will remain in your heart? Yes.
Two-day program:
Saturday 16 June - From Levigliani to Rifugio Rossi
We start from the village of Levigliani, to reach the Antro del Corchia entrance via a minibus. From here begins the path to reach the Freo shelter (12.00) and eat in front of a spectacular view of the Pania Croce and the Pizzo delle Saette. During the afternoon, follow a path that runs along the side of Pizzo delle Saette, to reach the beautiful Rifugio Rossi in late afternoon, where we will stay overnight. From here you can enjoy an unforgettable view of the wall of the Pania Croce and the Pizzo delle Saette.
Difficulty route: "E" - Excursion.
About 18.00 - Arrival at Rifugio Rossi characteristic refuge of mountain managed with great care by Antonello and Mike. We are in a high mountain refuge, so the only possible accommodation is in a dormitory. WARNING: being a high mountain refuge, no showers are planned, the bathroom is spartan.
Sunday, June 17 - From Rifugio Rossi to the top of the Pania Croce and return.
8.30 am - breakfast, refueling sandwiches; 9.30 am - visit to the valley of Vetricia; 12.00 am packed lunch on the top of the Pania Croce; 1.00 pm descent and return.
On the second day the path overlooks the famous Vetricia, a karstic valley where some of the deepest abysses of Italy are found, a true paradise for speleologists. We will then face the climb to the Pania Croce to get to the summit around 12.
The top is usually inhabited by gracchi and swifts that literally "play" the air by cutting it with their wings. The long afternoon descent will pass through huge grassy valleys frequented by mouflons. The return to the village of Levigliani is scheduled for 6 pm. Difficulty route: "E" - Excursion with some sections "EE" -
Return with own means from Levigliani.

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When: until 06/17/2018

Where: Levigliani, Levigliani

Time: ore 9.00

Information: http://https://www.trekkingtaroceno.it/due-giorni-nel-gruppo-delle-panie-2/ - giacomo.agnetti@trekkingtaroceno.it - info@travel-lab.it

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